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Firstly, the authenticity of a work. As long as there are celebrity calligraphy and paintings, it will definitely be counterfeited and the celebrity calligraphy and painting market is flooded with counterfeits. If you do not have professional appreciation knowledge, it is easy to "lose sight". When purchasing celebrity calligraphy and paintings, you can invite experts to take notice to prevent buying counterfeit goods. The safe way is to directly purchase from calligraphy artists. Of course, not every collector has such a channel, so you need to choose a reputable gallery. With the increasing development of the internet, online shopping is very convenient. However, when choosing a calligraphy and painting online sales platform, you must choose a professional one that can be paid through third-party guarantees, each work has a detailed introduction to the author, and you can also ask the online sales platform to provide you with a photo of the selected work and the author themselves, This basically ensures the authenticity of the work.


Secondly, the issue of level is that the artistic level of celebrity calligraphy and painting is a fundamental factor in measuring their collection value. The works of famous artists may not necessarily be all exquisite in size. For example, works before the formation of personal style, works that participate in social activities, and failed works in daily creation cannot reflect their rightful artistic level, and thus the value of exquisite works is vastly different.



Thirdly, the issue of price. The pricing of celebrity calligraphy and painting is not subject to the constraints of the national price department, and the phenomenon of overcharging in the calligraphy and painting market is very common. Therefore, when purchasing celebrity calligraphy and painting, the first thing to do is to understand the market situation, ask more questions, inquire more, or ask experts to check.


Fourthly, the issue of appearance refers to the appearance of calligraphy and painting. Complete appearance, superior quality of rice paper, and glossy ink are all important factors that affect the value of calligraphy and painting. If purchasing antique calligraphy and painting, one should pay more attention to the issue of appearance.


Fifth, regarding the issue of measurement, the sales of calligraphy and painting by famous artists often use square feet as the unit of measurement, with square feet [square feet=length (centimeters) x width (centimeters) x coefficient 0.0009]. For example, a four foot banner work is 3450pxX1700pxX0.0009=8 square feet. Therefore, the larger the measurement, the higher the value of the work by the same famous artist.


Sixth, the issue of representative works: The so-called representative works mainly refer to the projects that calligraphy painters are good at, such as Qi Baishi painting shrimp and crabs, Xu Beihong painting horses, Huang Zhou painting donkeys, Li Keran painting landscapes or cows, etc. For calligraphers, some excel in cursive script and others excel in seal script. If the works of calligraphers are not their specialty, their value is inferior.


Seventh, the issue of mounting work: mounting work refers to the quality of mounting calligraphy and painting components. Some calligraphy and painting frames have rough workmanship, some are not flat, some are missing, some have creases, or are contaminated by moisture, and so on. These situations not only affect the hanging and appreciation, but also endanger the lifespan of calligraphy and painting, and weaken the value that calligraphy and painting should have. Collecting a good celebrity calligraphy and painting is very difficult, and Pu Jun calligraphy and painting provides the above suggestions for everyone's reference. I hope it can help collectors.


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